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dreamer's curse (running)

i've just been out here running

all i do is run

through mazes that keep closing

towards that red sun

but the trees, they block my way

and i'm tripping on their roots

til i'm alone there in the forest

and the light is far from view

the colours are too far away

i chase them til i'm blue

but all i know is running

and i have nothing left to lose

just trying to reach that red sun

but every time i do

by the time i've made it

it's a different hue

and from the reeds i hear it

that same old broken tune

the one the old man used to play

from his sidewalk stoop

the one who played the sad songs

spoken in soft flute

the one with tired eyes

singing something bout the blues

and as i run towards that sun

they tell me "slow down fool"

the creatures who are trapped here

once dreamed the way you do

but i'll be crawling towards the red sun

til they're crawling to their tombs

they say one in a million make it

i'll keep running in case that's true

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